Depósito Belgrano


Transform your business’ fixed costs into variable costs, modifying the size of your storage unit whenever you need it.

Private storage rooms service is ideal for:

  • Putting away those papers that are not frequently consulted but that must be kept for legal or tax matters purposes.
  • Those things that must be kept but due to their scarce use take up useful space in the office, which could be assigned to more important purposes.
  • Items to save sporadically.


  • Indoors covered parking for loading and unloading.
  • Unlimited access within opening hours without notice.
  • Possibility of allowing access to the people you want and so you can coordinate everything from your office.
  • Absolute confidentiality.
  • A type “A” bill so that apart form discharging the storage rental from your Income tax, you can discharge the VAT.

Good reasons to choose us

  • The service is impeccable and the facilities are top notch. The staff manners as well as the offered comforts are very good. I am very grateful for the service and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

    Agustín Repetto

  • I am really surprised to get to know a "model" warehouse in the droadest sense of it. As a building, excellent construction and optimum functionality. Safety is seen in every detail. Tidy and clean. The staff is polite and well-mannered.


  • The treatment is excellent, the warehouse is impeccable and the staff is always willing to solve everything with respect and efficiency. I am leaving very happy, I will recommend you and I hope I can come back.

    Franco Gutierrez

Very good experience for more than three years. The closest thing to USA ! Good service and organization. Worth the investment!

With Professionalism and kindness you solved my problems at all times. When I put my deposit I will take your employees!

Thank you very much for taking care of our stuff that came from so far away . The team, very helpful at all times!