Depósito Belgrano


Our self storage system guarantees that your belongings will be kept exactly the way you left them until you decide to pick them up.

Private storage rooms are ideal for:

  • Preserve your furniture between real state operations.
  • Household items that are not of frequent use.
  • Goods which its use is limited to a particular season.


  • Keys only in your possession.
  • Indoors covered parking for loading and unloading.
  • No minimum length of stay.
  • Unlimited access within opening hours without notice.
  • Possibility of adding people in the contract to have access to the self storage.
  • Last generation security system.

Good reasons to choose us

  • The service is impeccable and the facilities are top notch. The staff manners as well as the offered comforts are very good. I am very grateful for the service and I have no hesitation in recommending it.

    Agustín Repetto

  • I am really surprised to get to know a "model" warehouse in the droadest sense of it. As a building, excellent construction and optimum functionality. Safety is seen in every detail. Tidy and clean. The staff is polite and well-mannered.


  • The treatment is excellent, the warehouse is impeccable and the staff is always willing to solve everything with respect and efficiency. I am leaving very happy, I will recommend you and I hope I can come back.

    Franco Gutierrez

Very good experience for more than three years. The closest thing to USA ! Good service and organization. Worth the investment!

With Professionalism and kindness you solved my problems at all times. When I put my deposit I will take your employees!

Thank you very much for taking care of our stuff that came from so far away . The team, very helpful at all times!