Depósito Belgrano

Security measures

In Depósito Belgrano we believe that security is a fundamental aspect of the service, and that is why we have different elements and procedures, which allow you to leave your assets with confidence and trust.

In order to adequately take care of your belongings, we are constantly incorporating new security measurements, among which are:

Private key possession

When you rent a storage unit at Deposito Belgrano, the keys are exclusively in your possession, without leaving any copy in our facilities. We assure this as you either bring your own lock or get a new lock from any of our branches with its 3 original keys.

Closed circuit Television

Our CCTV inside and outside the facilities allows us to see everything that happens and tape it in digital format for its further analysis or control.

External surveillance

External monitoring service, with a first class company.

Personalized surveillance

24 hours a day, there is security personnel in the facilities permanently connected to the Federal police.

Fire alarm

A fire alarm with palm buttons strategically distributed in our facilities, so that in case of fire risk, anyone who is at the facilities can activate it and therefore solve the problem even before it happens.

Smoke detectors

Zoned smoke detectors, connected to the fire alarm, to immediately sense any fire break out and be able to put it out quickly.

Fire extinction equipment

Fire hoses in every floor with their own water circuit, with an automatic recharging water pump and an extension for firefighters’ special use. Fire extinguishers that surpass by far the demands of the current security norms.

Fireproof doors

Our doors and area gates are fireproof, tested according to Argentinian IRAM norms, that, in case of fire, restrain it (even the smoke) to a delimited area and allow the correct evacuation of the people in the facilities.

Fireproof equipment

Our buildings’ structure is entirely made of concrete, and the storage units of iron, which assures the non-flammability of the facilities.

Evacuation maps

According to currently valid regulations, there are strategically distributed evacuation maps in our facilities, which will clearly indicate you where to go if evacuation were necessary in case of any emergency.

*Depósito Belgrano has all the regulatory safety measures in order.
It may be that some additional elements included in Depósito Belgrano services are not current at all branches at the time you hire the services.